We’re connecting the world’s businesses across the core, cloud, & edge.

Borderless is an emerging hybrid-cloud networking platform initiative to address the technology  needs created by increasingly distributed workflows, workloads and exponential data.

Help our enterprise customers transform their businesses with flexible & performant NetDevOps to fuel innovation. As an early member of a stealth team, you have the potential to make a big impact.
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Company Values

We are in growth mode. We do a lot with a little. We are hyperfocused and work hard every day to prioritize the most impactful work. We are builders and innovators. We are building something special, and something new. In the moments that seem harder than some, we focus on the positives and embrace the journey, together - we do this by visibly and consistently living our company values!

Lead with Integrity

We engage openly, honestly, and ethically, leading us to do the right thing for each other, our customers, and our communities. We do this visibly and consistently, even when it's uncomfortable. We believe integrity provides the foundational strength for sustained results.

Be Human

Humans are amazing! We appreciate the uniqueness of every individual and create an environment where employees can engage as their true authentic selves. We are determined to make better, do better, and be better for our customers, our employees, our partners, and the world at large every day.

Choose the Highest Standard

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure we are striving to raise the bar. We are owners of the outcomes, so we endeavor to achieve the highest standards in everything we do that impacts our work and influences others. We dig deep to solve problems - we focus on root cause so that fixed problems, stay fixed.

HyPAL (Hypothesize, Prove, Act, Learn)

We dream big - we develop wild and exciting ideas. We hypothesize, test, experiment, learn, fail fearlessly, learn some more, and we are always innovating. We learn from our failures without hypercriticism, and we celebrate our successes with humility and grace. We are ruthless in our delivery and prioritization - we value incremental progress over perfection. 

Relentlessly Earn Trust

We work intentionally every day to show up in ways that reinforce our commitment to developing trust. Communicating often, being self-aware and responsive, listening attentively, speaking candidly, & delivering reliably and consistently are requirements that are the foundation for trust. 

Security First

Security is job #1 for all of us. See something, do something. We integrate security into our products, processes, operations, and thinking. Since attackers are continuously looking for ways to breach, we deliberately prioritize improving security at every opportunity. Security is the most important thing we can do for our customers.

Why Borderless?

Angela and Amit share why they made the leap and what they love about working at Borderless.
“I love our supportive culture. There is a sense of belonging and strong teamwork that has become a part of our DNA; and, I get to work with talented people I can learn from. They encourage me to take on new and challenging opportunities and develop new skills.”
Angela Hung, Engineer
“I am very fortunate to be a part of Borderless where the leadership team stays perpetually focused on delivering value to our customers and I get to play a key role in enabling our vision and staying razor focused on what I do best - solving hard problems and building systems!”
Amit Saurav, Senior Principal Software Engineer


We work hard, but we also know you have a family, friends, hobbies, and a life outside of work. That’s why we offer a great benefits package, not just a competitive salary.

Flexible Time Off

Everyone's lives outside the walls and hours of work looks very different...so our time off benefit does too!  We offer all employees paid time off on a flexible, self-managed basis. Our approach to time off supports a culture that allows you to make practical time off and vacation arrangements without worrying about balances. 

Flexible, remote work

While we have beautiful offices in Palo Alto, Seattle, and Beijing; we encourage all employees to work where they are happiest and most productive. That could be one of our offices, at home, or on a beach in Cancun! Your choice!

Health and Wellness

We want our employees to be happy and healthy. We offer comprehensive healthcare benefits, including medical/dental/vision coverage and flexible spending accounts. We cover 80% of the premium cost for employees, and 70% for dependent coverage.

Meaningful equity

You’ll be contributing to the success of the business, so you deserve to share in it. Everyone on the team gets a meaningful equity allocation.

Parental Leave

We understand the need of parents to fully engage with their new baby especially in the first few months, which is possibly the most exhausting as it is exciting and special time in your life. We offer all employees 12 weeks of fully-paid leave when you become a parent through birth, adoption, or foster care. 

A team that cares

You’ll be joining a team of smart, capable, helpful people that want you to succeed, learn and grow. We visibly live our company values everyday.

Current Opportunities

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